It’s really majorly fucking stressful 

I hate finals just as much as the next guy because honestly they look like hell on earth. One thing that tops finals is when teachers decide to give you papers to do when you could be studying for the test that I am gonna just barely pass. I don’t know I feel that teens shouldn’t have to be at the point of tears out of fear of what they are going to get as a grade. Thinking logically for a moment: why do teachers like to compact work in a time that only a few students are able to succeed in? I am no “A” student but I feel that students deserve representation when we are working our asses off.

I guess this is just an unfair world and I need to deal with it.

-Blogically out


One thought on “Finals

  1. Don’t mind my inability to use grammar for the title. I know it contradicts everything but it was out of stress. So yeah. Leave a commen if there is a topic you want me to look into! Alright I gotta go stress about this stupid paper!!! 🙂


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