Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji)

Hey so today I will talk about Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji). Now, this was one of my first anime’s (I didn’t read the manga…oops) that was not all happy go lucky shoujo love story. Some things you need to know about this anime is:

  • It’s about a boy who summons a demon to be his butler and get revenge for his parents murder and his capture/torture.
  • It’s pretty long.
  • So far one of the characters has had sex three times and I think you see (not much just their faces) two of them (not sure).
  • You see (I think season 2) a naked women (no nips).
  • Not suited for all audiences.
  • Murder…everywhere
  • It uses real events from history (Jack the Ripper case and did a lot of research btw with also some really good points)
  • Can be funny but also down right disturbing

(I don’t want to spoil anymore than I have, sorry)

Now what I liked about the anime was that it compelled me. The whole “child summons demon for revenge” was something I had never even thought of before. The characters were developed in a way that you could think they are real people, as the demon butler is a sadist and very arrogant, but has a soft spot for cats….which Ciel is allergic to, or how Ciel can’t dance; it all makes them better characters where we can relate to them. This anime did wonders the first season with lots of content and humor when needed I really enjoyed watching it and trying to see where the series would go, and to say the least I was happy with what I saw. The second season on the other hand was alright. Although they added some characters (Alois, Claude, those god damn triplets and more.) the beginning of the season was confusing and took a few episodes to get it rolling, but as everything settled down it was pretty good, but didn’t top season one.

Next would be “The Book of Circus”. Now this season was AMAZING. Long story short it was a circus that kidnapped kids and gave them to this guy Baron Kelvin who was obsessed with Ciel and he was really demented and then Ciel killed all of the first string performers because they kidnapped those kids, and Ciel burned Kelvin’s manor (WITH ALL OF THE KIDS IN IT). It was really a good season and I highly recommend it.

Some things that bothered me in this anime:

  • Never really explained what happened to Ciel when kidnapped.
  • Never really explained what that cult that kidnapped Ciel stood for.
  • We don’t know if Ciel is who he says he is because apparently he saw his grave and treated it like nothing.
  • He’s 14 and works as the queens guard dog…
  • He is a minor with now family (Rip Madam Red) but gets to keep everything??? No orphanages?
  • Why (in the anime) do they neglect Lizzy’s sword fighting skills (from the manga) and make her a damsel in distress???
  • Lizzy’s voice.
  • Relevance of Pluto (that weird demon dog, aka Plu-Plu)
  • Why was Pluto all white, All the demons (with exception to that demon woman with the sword in her throat) had dark hair.
  • Noah’s Ark Circus- Why did none of the first string performers never see if that orphanage place was still a thing???
  • Noah’s Ark Circus- Baron Kelvin’s obsession with Ciel…WHY?!
  • Angel and Angela (same person?) why were they insane? Wouldn’t they want piece on earth and oh I don’t know NOT MURDER EVERYONE???
  • Did Ciel ever die?
  • Did Ciel kill his dad? Remember in season one when that guy touched his face and Ciel got triggered and then pulled the old demon card and had Sebastian kill that guy.
  • Why does Sebastian look so much like Vincent.
  • How do none of the staff in the Phantomhive manor not know Sebastian is a demon? (I think Mey-rin knows, I’ve read some stuff about how she suspects him to not be human)
  • Why is the staff at the manor okay with Finny’s super strength?
  • Never explained Finny’s backstory, because honestly I thought it was really compelling.

All in all I think this is a classic and everyone needs to watch this, I rate 9/10 but I have yet to watch book of death and book of the atlantic.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Blogic signing off.


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