Killing Stalking

So my first blog here on blogic (yay!) is going to be on the well known manga series “Killing Stalking”. This manga is in short, about a man called Yoon Bum tells “us” about a man named Sangwoo, who everyone sees as perfect in every way, but Sangwoo has a dark past as his parents were murdered some time ago and the killer had never been caught. Yoon Bum had fallen for Sangwoo completely, to the point of stalking him after Yoon had been relieved of his service in the army. After we get to know a little bit more on Yoon, he breaks into Sangwoo’s home, lying to the police by saying he is a cousin. Sangwoo is told by one of the police officers (who is friendly towards him since they know each other quite well) alerts him that a “family member” is at his house. Sangwoo then looks as if under stress and the police officers partner has suspicions if Sangwoo murdered his parents (which we have yet to find out). Long story short Yoon finds Sangwoo’s secret basement chamber where he finds a topless young women blindfolded and severely bruised on the floor. Yoon decided to remove the blindfold for her and at that point she was in hysterics thinking Yoon was the kidnapper. Sangwoo at this time was home and basically hit Yoon over the head with a bat and breaking his legs when he tries to escape. Later chapters show Sangwoo murdering the young women and we can only assume more.

That was the background and honestly, you need to read it to understand it in a way because the author and artist (I think it’s the same person) have done a beautiful job. This manga is very explicit in various was such as language (lot’s of F bombs and some very naughty words that rhyme with boar and but.) but also it shows female breasts (nipples and all) in a few scenes, along with male genitalia (but most websites don’t show it by coloring white over it).  Another part that would be hard to accept for a manga is the bloody violence. The first serious one would be Sangwoo holding Yoon’s healthy leg and braking it with a sledge hammer (ouch BTW I cringed), but sadly that was the least of our worries as Sangwoo, the ultimate sadist feeds off of the cries of Yoon as he beats him mercilessly in the first few days (or weeks because at this point Yoon was kept in the basement all hours of the day loosing track of time, and then so do we).

Some read this disturbing manga for the psychology aspects, while others just want to know what happens, but a majority is here for the need to see Sangwoo and Yoon fall in love or do more… things.

In short, “Killing Stalking” although not for every one, it is one hell of a manga and once you get hooked it will be hard to stop reading. I highly recommend it if you want something new. This story is just a masterpiece of emotion as Sangwoo and Yoon’s characters are unfolded little by little at a pace that makes me crave for more with each chapter.

I would give this a 9 out of 10 because it is a really good manga, it’s just really hard to find all of the chapters online for free and no serious warning about the content.

Thank you for reading,

Blogic signing off.


2 thoughts on “Killing Stalking

  1. I think another part why people are so intrigued by the story is because of the psychologically abusive part of the story. You get to see as Sangwoo brings Yoonbum down and then raises him again, but in the way that Sangwoo wants him, administering punishments that were uncalled for, and small rewards (like allowing Yoonbum to move out of the basement). Yoonbum’s past contributes to the Stockholm Syndrome-type relashionship, and Sangwoo does not seem particularly aware of this, though he uses it to his advantage anyways. In a way, Sangwoo makes Yoonbum feel special with him, like when he allowed him to like instead of the old man, when the old man won the game, and Yoonbum did not feel special at all when he wasn’t with Sangwoo.
    Idk I’m probably just rambling here but I really would love to know more, to dig deeper into the two’s /unhealthy/ relationship.

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    1. No wait you are completely right! It completely flew over my head (the rewards). I just read chapter 13 and I was raging since the ending just showed that Sangwoo is now vulnerable and he mentioned ‘this feeling’ which I believe is love. Thank you for the comment it means a lot that you commented, thank you 🙂


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